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The above SkySPIN 360º Virtual Tour was produced for
Forward Builders Supplies.

Viewing Software

We deliver multi-format virtual tours with auto-detection to ensure maximum user interaction. We currently work with three of the leading formats – Flash, DevalVR and QuickTime VR.

To view our SkySPIN 360º Virtual Tours you will need one of these software plug-ins. This is now the norm for interactive features and moving graphics in most websites, so it is highly likely that you already have them installed on your computer. If not, you can find links to the latest free downloads below…

FLASH (Windows & Mac)

Flash is one of the most popular plug-ins – it is installed on over 98% of computers, making it by far the most cross-platform format available.

• Cross platform
• Most popular of plug-ins
• New releases offer high quality

If you wanted to cater for the broadest user-base possible, we would recommend using Flash for our Virtual Tours.

Click here to get the latest FLASH PLAYER download FREE

DEVAL VR (Windows Only)

DevalVR is a multipurpose panorama viewer for Windows. The DevalVR plug-in is extremely small, easy to install and offers very high image quality.

• Excellent image rendering, even with full screen panoramas
• Small plug-in file size

If you or your customers use Windows, have no other plug-ins and were to opt for standard or full screen panoramas we would recommend using DevalVR.

Click here to get the latest DEVAL VR Plug-In FREE

QUICKTIME VR (Windows & Mac)

If you use a Mac, own an iPod or iPhone or use iTunes on your PC you will no doubt be familiar with QuickTime, which can be downloaded free from the Apple website for both PC and Mac.

We believe QuickTime VR to be one of the best ways of delivering exceptional quality Virtual Tours, offering many advantages over other systems such as

• Cross platform
• Excellent image rendering (even full screen panoramas)

If you were to opt for a SkySPIN 360º Virtual Tour containing standard and full screen panoramas with cross-platform compatability, we would recommend you choose QuickTime VR tours (as well as Flash).

Click here to get the latest QUICKTIME download FREE

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